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Black Belt Hall of Famer, Shihan Dana Abbott, is a renowned expert in Japanese swordsmanship and sword training. He travels worldwide conducting intensive one-on-one and group, single and multi-day, “hands on” practical application workshops along with teaching various kata, combatives and traditional techniques. Learnthesword.com is designed as an instructional aide built around Shihan’s tried and true intensive sword training courses where he instructs the practical side and application of Toyama-Ryu as learned in Japan. To schedule an intensive sword training course, cutting seminar or practical application workshop
contact Shihan Dana Abbott directly.

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Samurai Sword

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Shihan Dana Abbott

I am Shihan Dana Abbott and my expertise is in Kenjutsu, or Japanese Swordsmanship and I am also an expert at sword training. I have earned the rank of Shihan 7th Degree Black Belt.Shihan Dana Abbott

Why Study Sword Training With Shihan Dana Abbott?

I became interested in the sword 41-years ago when I was attending ASU. I quit my job, sold everything and went to Japan where the masters and the best schools are located. I enrolled in Nihon Taiiku Diagaku, Tokyo’s esteemed martial arts university.

I learned kendo, iaido, kenjutsu and I learned it well. For 14 years I ate, slept and lived my studies.  All my training and certification is through the Japanese Department of Education and Recreation where everyone receives a fair and equal chance of learning Japanese swordsmanship.

During my career I have written and published five books, designed a U.S. Patent and created a complete new niche in the martial arts industry, ActionFlex weapons, which allowed participants to spar and fight in real time without injury.

Japanese Sword Training Without Leaving Home

You don't have to travel to Japan or anywhere else in the world to get Japanese Sword training. You can get sword training in your own home with Shihan Dana Abbott through the University of Martial Arts, here on LearnTheSword.com.

Even if you live in the outback of Australia, if you have internet access, you can get sword training online with one of the best Japanese sword instructors in the world, Shihan Dana Abbott.


Why you'll love our Sword Training Program

Watch on Different Devices Any Time

Watch on different devices including tablets, phones, computers or TVs and train at your own convenience, day or night, week day or weekend.

High Resolution Videos and Training Manual

Videos are high resolution so you can even watch them on your TV. All text and videos are online so you do not need to use a separate training manual.

Access to Your Instructor

You aren't left on your own to simply watch videos, you have access to your instructor.

Other Products

You can purchase other training products by Shihan Dana Abbott to help you on your training journey.

"Just forget everything you’ve seen in the movies and forget everything you think you know!
Master Dana Abbott can show you the true path of the sword in a easy no nonsense way!
It has been my honor and pleasure to know Master Abbott and train with him for over 10 years!
I highly recommend his program whether you’re interested in just learning the sword for fun,
or a serious professional like myself, this is the program for you!

- Sensei John McGonigle Sr.
Martial Arts Hero Factory
Sensei John McGonigle 

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Sword Training

The Samurai Sword Training Program, teaching Japanese swordsmanship, is a 10 hour, 175 video clip series using the Tachi-iai: Toyama-Ryu Iai-Batto-Do Training and Ranking Tutorials created by Shihan Dana Abbott.

You Will Learn

The Art of Bowing • Gripping & Handling • Kiai = Breath Control • Posture & Demeanor • Stances & Footwork • Drawing and Sheathing • Striking & Cutting Angles • Focal Points & Guidelines • Movements & Transitions • Anatomy of the Sword • Technique Training • Culture & Ritual

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Sword Training Products

Shihan Dana Abbott sells Books, Manuals, DVDs, ACTIONFLEX Combative Weaponry including the new premium line of weaponry from ActionFlex; the Kuro-Obi Series.

Programs, Manuals, DVDs ActionFlex

Check out Shihan Dana Abbott's NEW Signature Series Swords!

Dana Abbott Signature Series Swords

Sword Training For A Dollar A Day

$30 A Month

If you follow the guidelines, lectures and labs in the Samurai Sword Training Package,
you will learn everything from basic technique to advanced ritual and protocol.

All you have to do is…

  • Watch the sword training videos and read the materials.
  • Practice the prescribed tasks, techniques and protocol.
  • Demonstrate the techniques in a progress video.
  • Review the critiqued progress video and continue to practice.

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The University of Martial Arts

Learn the Sword is part of the University of Martial Arts

The University of Martial Arts, developed by Martial Arts Enterprises,
is online learning where students and instructors
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We provide every avenue available to facilitate learning.
Online video training allows students to practice what they are being taught
with more proficiency and online access to training materials,
including videos, course manuals and books, enhances martial arts training.

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